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High Quality PP MONO ROPE

High Quality PP MONO ROPE

  • ₹15.00 ₹199.99
  • Ex Tax: ₹15.00
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  • Brand: SANVAN
  • Product Code: Power Tools
  • Reward Points: 1000

Tags: CordlessHammerDrill

High Quality PP Mono Rope is accessible with several outstanding features. It can deal with the negative effects of mold and can deal with an extended periods of time. It stays unaffected by harmful mold and boats of a long life. It can safely store the things in a warehouse. The rope can withstand abrasion as well as external influences safely and perfectly. It can be scrubbed continuously with dissimilar hard objects. It can stay undamaged and unaffected by the external effects. Its non-abrasive nature makes it perfect for several applications.

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